Bronfeld G.B. The synergetical theory of the financial and stock markets and some new opportunities//VI International Kongress on Mathematical Modeling/Book of abstracts/Sep.20-26,2004, Nizhny Novgorod, p.398

___In the theory of financial and stock markets (FSM) now there are the rough processes connected with the advent of the new scientific approach, that, in turn, opens new opportunities in practical forecasting FSM. These results are connected to B.Williams, J. Orlin Grabbe names, new Nobel winners on economy for 2003 R.Engle and C. Granger. The small contribution and the author of the report has brought.
___Dispute within 200 years, that can underlie a theoretical explanation as it is organized FSM and as it goes, comes to an end. Many empirical methods of the technical analysis start to prove to be true theoretically, joinings between them clear up and application of new methods starts to develop.

___Key role the synergetics as her still sometimes name the theory of the chaos which has appeared as an independent scientific direction about 25 years ago here has played. The synergetics has revealed and has shown, that in systems where chaotically there are many subjects under certain conditions there can be some types of stability processes named attractors. They have quite concrete kind and they are similar to the similar processes occuring in completely other systems, based on, apparently, is perfect other physical and spatial processes. There are such phenomena and on FSM .
___Revealing of steady processes explains - why in some moments separate methods of a technical analysis work and gives a substantiation of an opportunity statistical prediction FSM . A key role attractors specify also B.Williams and J. Orlin Grabbe.
___When the system leaves a condition attractors, it can be presented a certain dynamic process which too has the certain parameters. Anyone synergetics system exists within the framework of certain limits and on the basis of certain laws or rules.

___For FSM as a result of long researches of time series of various parameters of C. Granger has shown, that dynamic time series completely differ from stationary. Also that the statistical methods applied for stationary time series, can yield completely incorrect results if them will apply to dynamic time series in FSM. Besides it has established, that the certain combinations of dynamic time series can be constant in time that allows to correct statistical conclusions. In turn, such conclusion confirms already made assumption of presence of the certain parameters, and quite concrete in transitive dynamic processes. But then they can be estimated.

___As a matter of fact the new theory even in development, even its name synergetics theory FSM is given by the author of the report and still widely distribution has not received (and another while is not present) . Software means which allows to predict FSM on the basis of the new approach is developed under B. Williams management and refers to Investors Dream. However B.Williams approach and his software have serious lacks. In it the method of forecasting of dynamic processes on a little bit out-of-date principles in particular is used. In the theory of control dynamic systems for a long time already develop more modern and powerful approaches by opportunities. The author of the report suggests uses one such approach on the basis of domain conditions which has been developed by him for control of multimode objects earlier. As characteristics FSM can vary depending on a situation, and the suggested approach allows essentially self-adapting under changing characteristics also opportunities of the suggested new approach are wider.
___Till now the synergetics explained behaviour of complex systems with chaotic processes, however for FSM , probably for the first time, synergetics methods manage to be used for a prediction of behaviour of complex systems, such as FSM .

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